HP Printer Technical Support Number 1-877-219-8032 USA – Fixing Paper Pick Up Issues – HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One Printer

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  1. I have this same printer, a few days ago my paper got jammed and when attempting to pull it out the entire duplex cover came off and now I can't get it back in place. Please help!

  2. Great video. My printer is only a year old I didn't want to replace it again. I followed the instructions for cleaning the spools and paper sensor and it did the trick. Thank you for making his video.

  3. After printing some labels, my HPPrint-6E-ENVY 120 Series printer jams. I have cleaned the rollers and it is still jamming. I took out the paper path cover and tried printing. The paper didn't jam, it came out the back of the printer but there was no type on it. When I put the paper path cover back in the printer, the jamming began again.

  4. i tried to print duplex manually but everytimes I did, the printer pushed the paper without printing it straightout but not with a4 paper or print one side. i need to print both side of an a5 paper. my printer is HP envy 4520

  5. my 4500 prints on plain paper but will not print on Kodak premium photo paper. It feeds into place but then is not pulled through line by line although printing continues. once it finishes it says paper jam. I've tried cleaning the rollers but no change. is it not possible to sue Kodak photo paper?

  6. I'm trying to fix my parents' printer that won't pick up paper. These 2 springs came out and I cannot find where to replace them. Any ideas would be especially helpful, especially with pictures. I'm trying to make a post with the pictures of the springs that came out.

  7. Can't I use thick, matte paper (for making greeting card) with this printer model? I tried to load one page at a time. It worked few months ago, but it doesn't work anymore with this thick paper.

  8. I am trying to print photos and I do not get any error messages. The printer is saying 100% complete but the printer does not operate. I tried 4 X6 sized paper and I tried a full size 8×10. I also tried to send a photo to my HP email. Nothing worked. I have the HP Envy 4500

  9. tnx you, just save me a trip to the store, just bought it 1 week ago, it wasnt loading paper, but duhhhh, if i don't push the paperslide back in…hahaha….my mind is so full, but thankfully not so full cause I found your youtube page, tnx again

  10. Thanks for the support. I was searching for jammed paper and nothing, and then I did the flashlight thing and I saw a paper jammed on the far end of the printer. I opened the tray, took it out and now works. Thanks and please keep up making more support videos!!!

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